Shelanti (I Wish for You What I Wish for Myself) is an independent remedial school that opened its doors on the 15th of July 2008. Shelanti is situated in Parklands in the Western Cape and is the only school of its kind in the Blaauwberg area. We consider the motto: INSIGHT, COURAGE AND FAITH as our life's philosophy.

Shelanti is a private school, owned by people that understand learners are individuals and should be educated as such. As an Inclusive Teaching school we adapt the curriculum to make it accessible to all learners. You will therefore often find the Foundation Phase learners outside, jumping or skipping while counting or doing their times tables. At Shelanti we strive to create an atmosphere of respect, discipline and belonging. We believe that by giving each learner a responsibility in, or outside the classroom, they take ownership not only of the school but also of their own behaviour.

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Our Arts and Culture and Computer classes are all part of the day and something all learners look forward to. The staff’s focus is on challenging each learner academically in order to reach their full potential. We have gifted learners in our classes and therefore have to keep the learning process challenging and exciting. We pride ourselves on the results we achieve in the annual Living Maths and Conquesta Olympiads that we participate in as well as the Annual National Assessments. Our learners obtain top positions each year.